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Sharon Renfro Testimony


My name is Sharon Renfro. 

I wanted to tell my story, in the event that it will help someone else, like it helped me.

I took a fall September 4, 2019. I lost control of my body, and fell on the ground. When I gained consciousness, I was paralyzed on my left side of my body, with a burning sensation in my legs. The doctors didn’t have a diagnosis, and they didn’t have a solution for me.

November 2019. I was still experiencing pain and burning sensation in my legs, my knees were swollen, I had limited mobility, poor circulation, paralysis on my left side of my body, and I couldn’t walk. I looked for alternative treatments. I came across Freedom Wellness Plus (FWP). I decided on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, along with the CBD products (for pain relief and skin care).

Day 1 in the chamber, it was as if all a sudden, the pain was sucked out of my body. Instantly my body felt better in there. I started to notice a difference. The inflammation went down in my knees, and my walking improved, from dragging my feet to lifting my legs as I walked. December 23, 2019 was my last treatment. My health had improved, and I wanted to stop coming, and take a break. 

January 2020 my health took a turn for the worst, and ended up in the hospital. I was hospitalized for 2 months, and again I lost my ability to walk. The doctors still didn’t have a diagnosis, or a solution for me. 

April 2020, I started coming back to FWP for the oxygen treatments and CBD products. It happened again, instantly my body felt better in the chamber. My body started gaining strength and mobility again. The inflammation and burning improved and I began to walk once more. 

On May 2020, I fell out of bed, and busted my lip, and needed 6 stitches. The oxygen therapy and CBD products healed my wounds in one week! 

“I would recommend FWP to anyone with arthritis, fluid in their knees, chronic pain, poor circulation, limited mobility, because it helped me walk again. If you’ve never tried Oxygen therapy, give it a chance because it is a miracle worker.”

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